Hope Schroeder here.

I’m interested in how emerging technology can help us investigate or solve some major challenges in the world today.

I’m an incoming MSc student in Social Data Science at the Oxford Internet Institute, Clarendon Scholar at Christ Church, and recent graduate of Stanford in Symbolic Systems.

Currently, I’m working on a couple of projects using AR to reimagine contested areas of public space. We are working on a contested plaque site at Stanford and Confederate monuments in Charleston.

I’ve worked on other immersive journalism projects like this one about climate in the Sierras and this one about the New Year’s traditions of Bali.

Here’s a vignette from my forthcoming project about the art on the Berlin Wall, Belfast peace walls, and US-Mexico border wall, Paint Down the Wall, which was featured in VentureBeat.

Data science, NLP, and gender research are other areas in which I work. Recent projects from this space are forthcoming!

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